Procurement Project Management Office

EcoVate offers a back-office service where our Procurement Project Management Office (PMO) handles the day-to-day management and administrative tasks relating to a tender, project or procurement function of a client.

  • Appointing a dedicated Procurement Manager as a single point of contact.
  • Developing a project plan and Gantt Chart for the project.
  • Managing the procurement process from initiation to completion, as per the Public Contract Regulations (PCR) 2015, including:
  • Setting up the tender and suppliers (if appropriate) on an e-tendering portal.
  • Managing supplier queries and clarification questions.
  • Facilitation of the evaluation process including preparation of an evaluation pack, carrying out the compliance check, and facilitation of the moderation meeting.
  • Producing a draft Board Recommendation Report.
  • Developing and issuing tender outcome letters.
  • Producing draft contracts.
  • Producing and issuing Find a Tender Service (FTS) and Contracts Finder Procurement Notices.
  • Providing weekly/monthly project reporting.
  • Developing and managing Contract Databases, including engagement with stakeholders on contract documentation, logging of contracts on the Database and review of contracts in terms of completeness and having sight of contractual obligations for future planning.
  • Assisting with the procurement2pay (P2P) process for Trusts ensuring adherence to Standing Financial Instructions (SFIs).
  • Creating procurement ‘Toolkits’ for NHS Trusts and other clients, including procurement template sets and process flow charts.
  • Working with commercial services in managing contracts and engaging with key stakeholders within the clinical procurement environment.
  • Knowledge sharing and capacity building for procurement teams, including running procurement training sessions.

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