Health and Social Care Consulting

Our team has extensive experience in the NHS and a thorough knowledge of how the health service works.

We have worked in a variety of senior operational roles within the NHS including Estates and Facilities, Procurement, Information Technology (IT) and Finance. This combination of expertise enables us to help our clients deliver major change in their organisations. Using our experience, we can baseline the current situation by reviewing existing information and engaging with key stakeholders. We can highlight areas of concern and can assist clients to maximise resources and generate cost savings from efficiencies and workflow output.

Information management and technology is often a key enabler for change and process improvement.  We have managed large in-house teams to implement clinical systems such as Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (EPMA) which brought about large-scale change.

At the core of our consulting work is the transfer of skills from our team to client staff.

Client Testimonial

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